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How To Find The Right Guitar Lessons For You!

  • Are you brand new to playing the guitar and not sure where to start?

  • Are you a parent looking for the best guitar lessons for your child?

  • Have you tried to teach yourself to play but without much success?

  • Have you taken guitar lessons before but stopped because you were not making progress or became overwhelmed?

  • Did you make progress when first learning to play but now feel stuck?

  • Maybe you think that only those born with a gift to play guitar can do so?

All of these things can lead to frustration and it can become so overwhelming that some people quit trying to learn to play the guitar, sometimes forever, if they do not find the answers. I've experienced almost every one of those things myself which led me to be incredibly frustrated and most of my students come to me like this as well.

Like me you really want to learn to play or improve on the guitar or as a parent you want to see your kids do so. But what can you do about it and at the same time avoid the frustration, the pain, the waste of time and money that many aspiring guitar players go through?

First of all let's put a myth to sleep. You do not need to be born with a special gift to play the guitar. There is a lot of science that has proven this myth to be absolutely false. Anyone can learn the skills required to play the guitar and that includes you! Don't let frustration or lack of progress allow you to fall for this trap!

Before we can move on let's find out why things did not work out very well for me as well as many of my students and why it could be the same for you. Why the frustration? Why the confusion? Why the pain? The problem for me was that I had not yet found the best way to learn to play or improve on the guitar. Fortunately this does not have to be the case for you.

What's The Best Way To Learn To Play Guitar?

There are many ways that you can try to learn to play the guitar these days so how do you know what the best one is? Maybe you should teach yourself? There is a tonne of free information on the internet so that could be a possibility. You could buy some books, magazines or DVDs and try to learn that way too. You could also watch videos on YouTube or pay for these services through several of the paying sites available online.

I tried most of those methods and they all failed me. Why? One reason is because they are ALL created or taught with a single method of teaching and if your learning style is not compatible you will struggle and in the end not progess and likely quit just like I did frustrated.

They are also not customized for any particular person but instead geared for anyone and everyone so they are very general and tend to not be very well structured. So if you do progress it will likely be very slowly. This is very frustrating for most aspiring guitar players. Sure, some people will have success with these methods, but those are not the majority. For the rest of us it is not a good fit.

There is one method which I did not mention yet that has the best chance to work for you and that is to learn to play guitar from a teacher face to face. One reason for this is that at least with a real person you may be able to ask some questions and get some input on your playing during your lessons. This should help you progress for a while at least. But even then you have to be careful. Not all teachers are the same and most of them tend to only teach using a single method. Again, that means most people will not likely get far with a teacher, unless you find the right one.

How Do You Find The Right Guitar Teacher?

As I mentioned already I struggled to play and improve on the guitar for many years because I was trying to teach myself or because the teachers I had were not teaching me properly. I was incredibly frustrated with myself and my progress as a guitar player. I did not think I would ever learn. I nearly gave up too. Fortunately I could not let that dream go, it was too strong, so I kept searching.

Then everything changed! Because of sheer persistence, I finally found the right teacher to help me!! Once that happened I immediately started to see real progress and my dream of playing the guitar was becoming reality right before my eyes!! So finding and working with the right guitar teacher is the key to solving all of those problems and being able to learn to play the guitar, which is what you really want in the end! But how do you find the right teacher with so many options available?

The right teacher for you needs to have the following things in place:

  • They must train you based on your learning style instead of teaching you the same way they teach everyone else. Most guitar teachers do not take the time to even try to figure this out. They tend to approach every student the same way when they teach them which leads many to progress slowly if at all and then get frustrated and in the end typically quit learning to play the guitar.

  • They must train you according to your goals and make a plan specifically for you! A few guitar teachers may ask you about your goals but then quickly tend to do one of two things that most teachers do: 1) ask you what you want to learn from lesson to lesson or 2) teach you the same material they teach everyone else. For the first item it's the teacher's job to know what you should be learning next, that's why they are the teacher!! Imagine going to a school math class and a teacher asking you what you want to learn each day? I am sure it would be interesting for a while but your progress at math would likely not be very good. As for the second item when a guitar teacher gives the same material to everyone at the same time you end up with the problem where one guitar player is progressing much slower than they could be or the opposite, getting too much material too fast before they understand the previous materials. All of this will usually cause frustration in time and tend to lead most guitar players to quit.

  • They must train you how to practice your materials properly! I am sure this may be hard to believe but most guitar teachers never take the time to show students how to properly practice the things they teach them. Instead they show them some new material and then they demonstrate it quickly then expect them to be able to remember how to practice it themselves when they get home. Most students tend to then practice incorrectly and get frustrated because of their lack of progress.

  • They must track your progress and make sure you understand what has already been taught before you are given new materials. This is not the case with most guitar teachers. They tend to either wing it from class to class without remembering what was previously taught or they teach whatever is next on the list without making sure that you really have a grip on the previous material. Again, this causes most students to become either frustrated or overwhelmed and typically quit.

Taking guitar lessons from a teacher is an investment of your time and money so you need to make sure you find the right one. I know I wasted a lot of time and money trying to learn to play guitar with the teachers I had. But this does not have to be the case for you.

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"I have known Maurice for a long time and he is one of the most hard-working and patient teachers that I know - and I know a number! If you are searching for a competent, capable, trustworthy guitar instructor in the Halifax area who will care about YOU and what YOU want to play, then look no further 'cause Maurice is your man."

- Tommaso Zillio, professional guitarist

What I Will Provide You!

Taking guitar lessons from me is different. I work very hard to make sure that I provide you with the best possible guitar lessons in the Halifax area. Here is how I do this:

  • I understand that you are an individual and that you learn differently than everyone else. We will work together to find the way that works best for you and make sure you are learning and progressing. My aim is to make your guitar training easy to understand and fun!

  • I will not train you from a single method or a fixed curriculum and instead work closely with you to create a plan that will help you progress. Together we will create some goals for your guitar playing if you do not already have them. We will also adjust your training based on your playing level and progress and make sure you are learning the right things at the right time so you can get better faster!

  • When you are given new information, I will train you on exactly how to practice it properly. I will not just show you how to do something once or twice and then send you home like most teachers do. I will make sure that you understand it and that you can practice it properly on your own. The old saying that practice makes perfect is not accurate. Practicing correctly is what makes perfect and I am here to help you with that.

  • I track your progress. I do this to make sure you are improving but also to ensure that I do not overwhelm you with too much material. It also makes sure that you actually learn how to properly play and apply what I have given you before you are given more.

  • I will also setup a free introductory session for you! This is where your current abilites will be assessed along with some recommendations on how to move forward for absolutely no charge and with no obligation to sign up for further lessons.

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"Maurice has dedicated years of study and ongoing training to make sure he can offer the best possible support to his students and create a really optimal learning environment for them which takes into account each student's interests and situation. If you want to see results, know that you're investing your time with a teacher who is continually refining his approach and enjoy yourself along the way, I recommend you meet with Maurice."

- Diana de Cabarrus, professional singer-songwriter, guitarist and music educator

It's time to learn to play the guitar, to move past your current playing level or to get rid of your frustrations!

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"If you're looking for a teacher in the Halifax area who will actually listen to you and help you with your problems, then I would definitely recommend Maurice. He is the most passionate and patient teacher around, and his attention to detail is second to none!"

- Greg Trotter, professional musican